Promiel SRL started their company in 2002 in Romang, in the province of Sante Fe. We started exporting Sante Fe honey and offering honey from different provinces of Argentina to expand the variety of products.

Emphasizing from the beginning the quality of the honey, collection volumes were quickly reached and allowed for an increase in the company's operating capacity and better instrumentation for the Laboratory.

It currently has many facilities with a large operating capacity, complying with all the national and international standards for handling products. From the moment the honey enters the warehouse to its consolidation at the plant, the company ensures and guarantees an optimal treatment of the product for the peace of mind of final customers. Our 5000 covered square meters gives us a large margin for the development of activities. The technology used throughout the process is optimal for what the market requires and demands, mainly in the areas of product sampling and homogenization, which are essential for proper product management.

The Honey

The extensive geography of the country, Argentina, and its different climates and blooms allow the supply of Argentine honey to be one of the most versatile in the world. Being able to offer a range of colours, from white to very dark honey, and combining blooms of all kinds, it gives us a large range that can be offered to the consuming world.

The main types of mono-floral honey to be highlighted are Eucalyptus, Citrus, and Carob. Then, with regard to the multi-floral honey, depending on the province where its produced and the spring or summer months in which it is developed, the honey can vary in colours and flavours.


Promiel SRL has its own laboratory that is managed by food specialists who are in charge of receiving the honey from the beekeepers and performing the usual quality analysis of the product.

To do this, our laboratory has modern technology and quality certifications that guarantee security and good quality where they can develop a wide range of analyses and control of the honey that enters the facility. This ensures the high quality of the honey and allows us to supply to the main consumer markets.

At the same time, they work together with specialized honey laboratories in Europe and the USA to complement this implemented quality control. The company also has the main quality and product management certifications, which guarantee the work carried out in the company.

True Source Certificate

NSF International

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